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Cables and network technology

Introducing a large selection of cables and cords amongst our over 5-million product mix: network cables, IT components, telephone sets, audio & video products, and optical fiber. Find all you need to setup a complete installation: network and server cabinets, wallmount cabinets and all the related products.

Top sales

SATA / IDE Stromadapter

Patchkabel S/FTP, PiMF, CAT.6A ISO IEC, grau, 1,5 m

KVM Cable, PS/2 Plug/USB Plug, S-VGA Plug/Socket, 3,0 m

Dätwyler patch cable S/FTP, PiMF, CAT.6A ISO IEC, blue, 5,0 m

MetzConnect BTR LWL Patchkabel OpDAT, MM 50/125 µm, OM5-Faser, SC Duplex Stecker/SC Duplex Stecker, lindgrün, 2,0 m

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